Saturday, April 10, 2021

U.S., Canada, France, Italy, Others Join Ireland's Growing Mandatory Quarantine List

The Irish government last night added the United States, France, Italy and thirteen other countries to its growing mandatory quarantine list for inbound travelers. From April 15 2021, people arriving from these countries are subject to mandatory hotel quarantine.

Those subject to quarantine are responsible for the cost of their stay. The rate for the 12 nights is €1875.00. 

Irish news organisations report that, to date, over four-hundred people have been subject to the new quarantine legislation, and are staying in government approved hotels. RTE reports that ten confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been detected through testing at the quarantine hotels since 26 March. 

Those facing quarantine are advised that it is a criminal offence to leave a designated facility without authorisation. A person found guilty of breaking quarantine faces a fine of €2000, one month in prison, or both. 

A total of 59 countries are now on the government's red list. 

The addition of the United States and EU countries comes following terse inter-governmental discussions and arguments. Many legislators cite existing EU freedom of travel laws, as well as the historic relationship with the U.S. as reasons not to expand the list to include these countries.

However, Irish health officials' growing worry about COVID variants, and the effect they would have on Ireland's population and economy, at last resulted in government agreement.

Today marks Ireland's one-hundredth day in lockdown. As of this writing, citizens can only travel 5 kilometers from their homes. Most shops are closed as are church services, concerts, sporting events, and similar public gatherings. While restrictions will ease from next Monday, additional relaxation of COVID guidelines is dependent on the continued roll out and ramping up of vaccinations.

Ireland, as with all EU countries, has seen significant delays in deliveries of many vaccines, in particular the Astra Zeneca jab. The government had hinged the country's recovery on the millions of doses it had expected to receive. 

The government is now playing catch up as additional doses are finally being delivered.

For more information, visit the Irish governments mandatory quarantine website. For additional news, go to RTE

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