Dolphin Song by Tom Richards

Wanted! Literary Agent for 'Dolphin Song'
by Tom Richards

For the past number of years I've been voyaging upon a creative sea entitled Dolphin Song. Unlike most writers I of course had to do things backwards. First I wrote the screenplay (which is currently out for finance so if you have a few million bucks please let me know). Then I wrote the book. And finally - the 1st draft manuscript is finished.

Now I'm looking for a partner: a literary agent who can breath life into this. Here are the details of what I truly believe is an unique story:

Title: Dolphin Song
(adapted from the feature film screenplay written by Tom Richards with Joan Scheckel and Katja von Garnier, developed with the assistance of eQuinox Europe).
Genre: romance / drama / fantasy
Primary Target Market: female
Word Count: 111,000

Short Synopsis: overwhelmed by the horrifying death at sea of her Irish husband and soulmate, and with her only son Jason suffering from Traumatic Mutism and unable to talk, bitter young Bostonian Dawn McCarthy is forced to reconnect with life’s mysteries. Finally coming to believe that love truly is forever, and recognizing that a wild dolphin holds the key, she is at last able to take a leap of faith which leads to healing for her traumatized son – and herself.

Set in Ireland's stupendously wild West Cork and Beara Peninsula, this I think is a beautifully compelling book which offers peace and hope at a time of global and personal suffering and uncertainty.

If you know someone who could help (and for a complete long-form synopsis) do please have them email me:  I would be so, so very grateful!

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