Thursday, August 24, 2017

Surviving Ireland Longlisted for Ireland Blog Awards 2017. (Did they make a mistake?)

It's not often your erstwhile writer has good news to share of a personal nature. Usually, Posts are confined to How to Survive in Ireland - one way or another. However, on this occasion I'll throw caution to the winds to announce:

The Surviving Ireland Blog has been long-listed for the 2017 V by Very Blog Awards Ireland (by the way: V by Very is a Littlewood's Ireland exclusive clothing brand now sponsoring the awards).

As I understand it, this is a rather big deal because the awards are "the biggest blogger event on the calendar in Ireland." 

And I must say I'm chuffed. Though this is only a Long-list, I know Surviving Ireland has joined some good company. But I can't help wonder if the jury has somehow made a mistake, humble blog that this is.

So here's to the Awards Jury, 

As well as to the almost 150,000 visitors to this Blog - thanks so very much. We could not have achieved this without you. After all, why write if no one's going to read?

With all my best and wishing you a smashingly Surviving Ireland day,


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