Sunday, July 16, 2017

Attention Travel Bloggers! You're All Invited to be a Guest on Seth Freedman's Travel Podcast Series!

Seth Freedman, a Los-Angeles based friend of mine, recently started a travel-sharing social media company, Driftr. Seth is actively seeking Travel Bloggers to participate in his series of Podcasts.  If you've a funny story regarding your travel adventures or an in-depth review of places you've visited, people you've met, and cultural connections you've made, I hope you'll contact Seth:

Below, Seth sets out a more detailed description and invitation to all Travel Bloggers to take part in his Podcast series.

Seth's Invitation

My name is Seth Freedman, the founder of Driftr. I’d like to invite you to be a guest on our new Driftr Podcast series. This is a new project aimed at featuring travel stories from Travel Bloggers like you. The podcast will be short form (approx.. 20-30 min) to keep the audience's attention and I will be leading the interviews myself.  

The goal is to not just talk about the best places for travel, or what to do if travelers are in a certain city. Rather, we’d like to get more in depth with the Travel Blogger / Influencer, learn about them, how things got started, hear exciting travel stories, nightmare stories, romance stories etc -  all the things that our audience wants to hear. 

About Driftr

Driftr is a social media travel sharing company dedicated to connecting travelers and giving them a platform to communicate and share information about their vacations, trips, and travels. Driftr members are able to post photos, videos, reviews, travel tips, and advice from their personal experiences and adventures around the world. Members can also recommend their vacations to other members using the application as well as travel groups for group vacations. In addition, members are able to connect with Travel Bloggers / Influencers for travel articles and tips that will help them with their future trips. Driftr will empower Travel Bloggers / Influencers to have further reach and influence within the travel community and beyond.

The purpose of our podcasts is to feature the blogger who are wonderful story tellers. The series will be fun, easy going and entertaining. I would be honored if you would join me. This is a new outlet for us, and we’re excited to provide our audience with unique stories while providing a new platform for bloggers to be heard. 

We are also striving to raise awareness of Driftr as a company and its mission to support and promote the Travel Blogging industry. We are a company for the traveler, by the traveler. I have created a unique profit sharing plan that will allow the blogger community to profit from solely building a following - there is no need for product placement anymore.  It is purely about the journey. Please visit us:

Are you Interested?
If you are interested in being a Guest on our Podcast I’d like to send you the details of the interview. We can either speak over Skype or,  if you happen to be in LA, we can do it here at The Expert Dojo. As a member, we have access to a recording facility.

Please contact me: 

(Please check out our first episode where I interview Tosin Idowu. You can see we had a lot of fun.

Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to your reply. 

With my very best to all Travel Bloggers - Seth

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