Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Dawn's Chorus in Eyeries

Here on this 20th day of May the sun rises at 5:39 AM. It sets at 9:34 PM. And we still have a month and a day until 21 June, the longest day of the year.

During these summer months the household tends to get up early, just as dawn breaks over Coulagh Bay. Unless it's blowing a gale, the west lights in gold as the sun rises behind us. Scariff Island and the Kerry mountains are bathed in light, and sun glints off the caravans in distant Caherdaniel which looks like a village from where I stand on the top deck but isn't.

As the sun moves higher it baths Kilcatherine and its church ruins in glory and I wait expectantly. And then...

The Dawn Chorus. Starting first with a single note from a nearby hedge, a lone voice tweeting a welcome greeting. Quickly joined by others turning the solo into a quartet then transforming to a chorus.

Birds everywhere and of every kind greeting the sunlight and a new day. 

Frankly, until I moved down here to the beauty of this isolated village on the sea I'd never heard the Dawn Chorus. Perhaps I was too busy. Or maybe the rush of traffic from the roads frightened that local avian community. 

But though I didn't know it, when I hauled my belongings from the Big Smoke to paradise I didn't realise I was also buying a ticket. A ringside seat to a morning's splendid entertainment.

We'll try to count them, the many co-stars of this boisterous treat, and spot them as they hurry for new positions around the house, their combined voices a commanding forte. Many common types to be sure, the Willy Wagtails and sparrows and magpies contending with the A-list gold finches. Gulls wheel over head, trying to get in a line or two, and now and then - if we're very lucky - we hear the Cuckoo - hiding in his thicket across the fields - join in. His rich voice echoing then blending with the other choir members.

The chorus lasts until sunlight hits the back garden then dies as the curtain closes, the choir getting about its daily business. But we know, at  least until the sun backs down the horizon in November, we'll be up early to wake with these singing stars.

(Man am I lucky to live here. Wish you could join me. To see if you can live and work in Ireland read on).

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