Thursday, April 30, 2015

Getting a Job in Ireland Easier as Irish Exports Hit Full Throttle

Irish exports grew 10 percent in 2014 to a record high of €18.6 billion, giving the current economic recovery some teeth and driving continued jobs growth. Exports are critical to the Irish economy because cash surpluses pouring into the country can be reinvested in continuing R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and related operating areas. Increased demand for products and services produced in Ireland drives employment in key sectors.

Taxes derived from export sales help to pay down the vast debt mountain the country acquired during the Great Recession. Increased government tax takes will also enable additional hiring of public sector personnel - from nurses to teachers to police - in coming months. Public sector employees lucky enough to still have jobs should also benefit from an increase in salaries, particularly among the lower paid, as they seek to claw back pay concessions made during the past 7 years as the government fought to reign in spending and meet EU and Troika demands.

Key Sectors
Ireland's indigenous software industry recorded the largest growth in exports. Surging sales is increasing demand for employees with a wide variety of IT skill-sets: from those with coding and product development skills to customer support personnel.

But other sectors are also seeing growth. Increased exports, driving higher tax revenues, will trigger increased employment in the public sector. Nurses, doctors, and other professionals within the healthcare sector are being actively recruited.

The construction industry is also - finally - seeing some light at the end of a dismally dark tunnel. Professionals as well as unskilled labourers are being recruited, though this sector remains patchy.

Retail and tourism is also showing significant growth. Ireland's tourism industry is benefiting from the strong dollar and weak euro. Retailers are finally seeing a recovery as discretionary spending recovers, if only marginally.

Urban Areas Showing Most Growth
Not all of Ireland is benefiting from employment growth. Urban areas - particularly Dublin and surrounding counties - are demonstrating rapid employment increases. Rural Ireland, at least at this time, continues to lag behind.

Those seeking jobs in Ireland should search first for opportunities in Urban locations including Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.

As noted in past entries on this site, if you're thinking of moving to Ireland now is the time.

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