Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just in Time for Christmas! 2014 edition of A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland!

Dear all,

Forgive me as I plug the most recent edition of my book, A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland.  The 2014 edition, now over 80,000 words long, is filled with information and anecdotes on what it's like to live in this beautiful country, how to get a job, how to buy a house, how to find that perfect pint of Guinness, and how to make it as an expatriate in a country that is slowly, ever-so-slowly, pulling itself out of Recession.

The 2014 edition of this book is now available on Amazon as a Kindle version. To take a look simply click here: A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland

Over the course of the past few months, I've received a number of questions from readers of this Occasional blog, particularly on how the country is doing, what industries are growing, and how they might make it in this country. A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland answers most of those queries.

Did you know for instance that Tech is growing like a weed here? That LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, and so many other are crying out for qualified staff? A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland gives you the insight you need.

Or are you a nurse or GP? Ireland is looking for those people. Or are you involved in the food industry? That's one of the areas that is growing rapidly even in the teeth of a crazy recession.

Simply click on this link for more information and to purchase the book: A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland.

My best to you all - Tom

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