Friday, November 29, 2013

FINALLY! Good News on the Jobs Front

Following Five Years of Recession,
Ireland Finally Gets a Jobs Boost

Slowly, ever  so slowly, Ireland is crawling out of its economic nightmare.  Very recent economic data indicates that employment is picking up for the first time in years. Unemployment rates have fallen to just over 13 percent from their highs of 15 percent in 2012. For a complete report see

What this possibly means to you, the would-be immigrant to this country, is that Ireland is finally starting to hire again. However, increased employment is apparently taking place only in certain sectors. 

Agriculture and the food industry are hiring again. Tourism, which was well up on last year, seems to be driving increased employment opportunities for hotel staff, restaurants, and similar. Tech is also up, with a wide variety of firms actively looking for qualified programmers and IT personnel. And that list reads like a Who's Who of Silicon Valley - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft - all of these giants, now located in Ireland, have reported a need for new staff.

Healthcare is always looking for good people including nurses and general practitioners.

Other industries aren't faring so well. Irish retail is still on its knees. A Ware, a well known fashion retailer that has been in this country since the 80s and which employs over 300 staff in outlets throughout the country, reported yesterday that it is closing its doors. Other recent retail casualties include HMV (which has gone into liquidation, but which is re-opening a small number of outlets in time for Christmas). 

Construction - a hothouse of activity in the roaring Celtic Tiger years - is still in the doldrums. So if you swing a hammer for a living think twice before moving to Ireland right now. That said, and due to some recent government incentives, work on extensions and home refurbishments are somewhat buoyant. 

But after years of struggle, it seems that Ireland may finally be turning a corner. And thank God for that is all I can say!

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