Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I Believe in America

Flying the Flag and Believing in America
Karen Vogan, a Vice President at USBA, developed what I believe is a timely contest: 'USBA's Why I Believe in America' video competition. I decided to enter, and the video link below is the result.
I really enjoyed doing this: being so far away from home, and for as long as I have, I sometimes forget what it means to be American, and how proud I am of my country. Putting the video together was a definite reminder to me. And I wonder, particularly at stressful times like these, if we all forget how proud we are of our country, and just why we continue to believe in its principles.

If you'd like to join the competition - and perhaps win 1000 bucks - simply go to the USBA Contest Page by clicking here. All you have to do is tell everyone why you Believe in America, then upload your video. The contest closes at the end of May, so as I write this you still have plenty of time. So go ahead and let all of us know why you, too, still believe in America.
That, I think is a wonderful thing to do. Good thinking, Karen Vogan and USBA. It's a terrific idea.

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