Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to Surviving Ireland

As an American living in Ireland for the past 27 years, I've had the privilege (and occasional hardship) of making a home in this country through the good times, the bad times, and the times in between.

This occasional Blog, Surviving Ireland, hopes to be a compendium of advice, news, and gossip about what's happening in Ireland, why it's happening, and the possible side-effects of those 'happenings'.

It hopes to be a companion piece to a book that I had the fortune to write: A Survivor's Guide to Living in Ireland. In fact, the new 2009 edition has just now been completed, and is available at for only a few US bucks.

In point of fact, this Blog will also hope to answer:

* What's happening in Ireland - its changing landscape, economy, and concerns of its people (particularly the concerns of this Ex-Pat)

* Places to go and see - if you are considering visiting - and perhaps living in - this welcoming country, my hope is that this Blog might become a forum for continuing discussions about where to go and what to see when you get here.

* Musings on Ireland - and for those of you who simply enjoy the wonder of this magical, though often damp, country, I'll take delight in offering you some simple thoughts on how this one American has managed to survive in Ireland for over 25 years.

So pour yourself a pint of black, and check back when you can. Cead Mile Failte, and welcome to Surviving Ireland.

Tom Richards

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  1. I met Tom while in High School and "found" him again on the internet now and then. He was and is one of those people that you run into in life that you will not forget. Earnest, intelligent and committed as well as passionate Tom is the genuine article. For those that land here in hopes of finding out more about being a "yank in Ireland" I suggest listening to Tom. I know I will keep in touch with him through this blog I will check in often. Dan