Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh the Beauty of West Cork!

If you ever get to this side of the world, one of the places that you must visit - but that is well off the tourist trail for whatever reason - is West Cork, and the Beara Peninsula in particular. This corner of Ireland has to be one of the country's jewels in its crown, and truly is a little piece of Heaven.

What's There
Some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, as well as some of the most welcoming people. Travel into Bantry, then turn left and toward the sea. Arriving in Castletownbere, a fishing port, you'll have time to take in the beauty of the place. Perhaps stop for a full Irish fry before climbing back into the car for a journey inland. Stop next at the small village of Eyeries. This wonderful village, nestled between mountains and the ocean, sports pastel-painted row houses, welcoming shops, and some of the most entertaining pubs this side of Heaven.

If You're a Writer
You'll want to know about the Anam Cara Writer's and Artist's Retreat. Founded by another American Ex-Pat (Sue), this exceptional hostelry offers a home-away from home where writers and artists can work on their craft. I've had the pleasure of visiting Sue a number of times, and have always left with the uplifted feeling of completeness. For more information on Anam Cara, visit their website by clicking here.
Then Keep Going
From Anam Cara and Eyeries, keep driving Southwest along the Peninsula. Journey along the coast to Allihies, a wonderful village with breathtaking views. It's all part of the Beara Peninsula, one of my favourite places in Ireland.
What to Do
In the Beara Peninsula, enjoy walking along wonderful beaches, whale and dolphin watching, surfing & sailing, snorkling and diving. Or find a local pub, grab a pint, start up a chat, and let the hours pass away with some of the most welcoming people anywhere.
Getting There
From Dublin journey south to Cork. Then turn West toward signs for Bantry. The travel time from Dublin to Cork City is approximately 3 hours. To Eyeries, add another three hours.

For more information
Google West Cork Ireland, the Beara Peninsula, Eyeries Cork for many more details.


  1. Born American, not even of Irish descent...but my heart belongs on the Beara. Always so pristine - I was horrified to see people throwing trash on the roads this year....don't they know how beautiful it all is?

  2. Yep, and I agree with you, Anonymous. It's so very sad to see some places littered with trash: old tires, plastic bags, rubble. When I first moved here in 82, many Irish didn't realize how horribly they treated the pristine areas within which they live. That attitude has changed somewhat over the years. But now and again, I'll come across a spot that is absolutely beautiful -except for the ugly detritus left by human beings...